If Sparkster was in SSB4 this is how would I imagine what would people do/think of him

At the time of year where the ballot was on

  • Sparkster needs to replace Snake for another Konami rep in SSB.
  • At first, the time where Shovel Knight was deconfirmed, I was started to worry if this might make Sparkster's reputation in SSB bad because people would've hate him for replacing Shovel Knight.

When Cloud was confirmed for SSB along with Corrin and Bayonette

  • DLC in SSB4 is ending, sadly it's unknown if there would be such thing as SSB5 as Sakurai said the future SSB games would be slim. But if SSB5 is confirmed I hope Sparkster would join the fight.

Now IF Sparkster joined SSB4

If he did join SSB4 this is what I would think of the fans doing to him

  1. He will become popular, but the bad thing is fans will over treat him that this is what will happen to him.
  2. Yaoi Shippings with some characters in SSB, what shipping WILL that be? maybe SparksterXLink, SparksterXSonic, SparksterXNess, and possibly SparksterXLucas (because Earthbound is somewhat underrated as the Rocket Knight series.)
  3. Non-Yaoi shippings can also be a problem for Sparky what if they did LucinaXSparkster? ugh... he's an anthropomorphic animal and she is a human so... yeesh beastiality, of course Lucina IS the only female swordman here.
  4. Fetish Fanarts, well.. he already has but two fat fanarts and some fart fetish fanarts but he will get MORE then that. Remember someone did a comic if RK2010 was trying to make Sparkster popular but then sickos will draw him?
  5. I don't want Sparkster to have more My Little Pony rabid fans ponifying him, even though I'm a fan of MLP but not, I repeat NOT a rabid fan of MLP. Before I used to do ponifying but I noticed it's too much of a good thing to do that.

When Sparkster didn't win the ballot

I wasn't upset that he didn't win the fighters ballot, I was ok with that because I recognize it's best to be underrated than overrated. Because fame gives bad things at certain times I would say. Sparkster is popular in the inside that's what think of every underrated franchise I know so I'm proud of him for being underrated.

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