aka Dipper Pines

  • I live in Gravity Falls Oregon
  • I was born on October 26
  • My occupation is Uncovering the secrets of Gravity Falls
  • I am Manly Mannington...or whatever you just said
  • CaveJohnson

    This is my Deviantart

    I've been working on a Rocket Knight Adventures story, based around my own version of the events of the first game, entitled. 'The story of a Rocket Knight'

    I try to be farely accurate, whilst adding my own 'spin' on the story most people wouldn't add.

    also I gave Sparkster a sidekick.

    ...he needed someone to talk to.

    to make it a story.


    it's not getting much attention, aside from my best friend and my family,

    probably because Rocket Knight Adventures is a fairly unpopular game.

    So I thought...

    where could I find some Rocket Knight fans' who would be interested?


    Hope you guys' enjoy!

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