Pages or edits and some other things to do to expand this wiki's knowledge.


To-do list

  • The character's Japanese names like for example: King Zebulos's JP name is King Zephyrus (which the 2010 used his JP name rather than his US name) Axel's name is spelled as Axle Gear officially in manuals. I'm not so sure if his name in Japanese uses the -xel or it still uses the -xle at the ending of his name which needs to be added in the wiki.
  • More infomation in the game's plot like Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, Sparkster (SNES), and Rocket Knight (2010). This goes for editing Sparkster's history part in his page and other characters too.
  • Information from the manuals (American and Japanese versions are needed) Rocket Knight Adventures, Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, and Sparkster (SNES).
  • Enemy pages needs to be added.
  • Articles for stages in every Rocket Knight installment. Rocket Knight Adventures Stages: Kingdom of Zebulos (Stage 1-1 Stage 1-2), Mountain Range (Stage 2-1 Stage 2-2), Going Underground (Stage 3), Flying Battleship (Stage 4), Kingdom of Devotindos (Stage 5), Deep Space (Stage 6), and The Pig Star (Stage 7). Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 Stages: Ancient Ruins (Stage 1), Desert Pyramids (Stage 2), Air Battle (Stage 3), High-Speed Robot Battle (Stage 4), The Battle of Gedol (Stage 5), and The Final Battle (Stage 6).

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