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Rocket Knight Adventures|ロケットナイトアドベンチャーズ|Roketto Naito Adobenchāzu}} is a 16-bit era side scrolling platformer produced and released in 1993 by Konami for the Mega Drive/Genesis console, designed by Nobuya Nakazato, designer of several titles in the Contra series such as Contra III: The Alien Wars, Contra: Hard Corps and Contra: Shattered Soldier. Its protagonist is Sparkster, an opossum knight who fights an army of robots and pigs, many of whom are piloting various mecha|mechanical vehicles. Sparkster is armed with a sword that can project energy over a short distance and a rocket pack that allows him to fly.


Rocket Knight Adventures


Gameplay is often a side scrolling platform, with linear runs through levels. The player is able to jump, attack with Sparkster's sword, either directly or by "shooting" energy forward when swung, or charge up their rocket pack and go flying in one of the 8 standard directions, depending of the direction the player presses (if no direction is pressed, Sparkster performs a stationary spinning attack). Levels are occasionally switched up with alternate styles of gameplay. Some levels are horizontal scrolling shooters (akin to Gradius, often with in-level references to that game), while one level has the player control a large machine to duel with Axel Gear. The difficulty levels in the game are differently presented in each regional version of the game. Both the Japanese and European versions have two difficulty levels accessible normally via the options menu, while in the American version four are enabled by default.

Version Difficulty Level
Japanese Normal Hard Very Hard* Crazy Hard*
European Easy Hard Very Hard* Crazy Hard*
USA Children Easy Normal Hard
* Only accessible using cheat code

Ports, sequels and spin-offs

A SNES version of Rocket Knight Adventures was planned, but was never released. Rocket Knight Adventures later had a sequel for the Mega Drive, named Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, and a spin-off for the SNES, named Sparkster. While both games were produced at roughly the same time and shared the same name and same box art, they were totally individual games, as with other Konami 16-bit releases with the same name, and aside from character design and a common music score, they did not relate to each other. However, the Mega Drive/Genesis game is actually referred in Japan with the subtitle Rocket Knight Adventures 2, which also was used overseas in the game introduction, and it is also the true sequel to Rocket Knight Adventures, due to the stated continuity from the events of the original game on the same console, whereas the Super NES version is more of a spin-off of the same game following an alternative storyline. Like their predecessor, neither of both games were mainstream successes. In October 2009, Konami announced they would release another sequel, titled Rocket Knight, made by the British developer, Climax Group. The game was released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Steam on May 12, 2010. Nobuya Nakazato was not involved with this title in any way [1], though it was credited by the developers in the Special Thanks section of the game credits. Sparkster himself has appeared as a playable character in a few recent titles, such as New International Track & Field for Nintendo DS and Krazy Kart Racing for iPhone and iPod Touch. He also has recognisable cameos in Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shogun Magginesu for the SNES, Snatcher for the Mega-CD and Mitsumete Knight for the PlayStation, and a figure resembling him also appears in an alternate ending to Contra: Shattered Soldier for the PlayStation 2. There was also a story of Sparkster written by Nigel Kitching in the UK-made Sonic the Comic. It was based on the Mega Drive/Genesis version of Sparkster. In an interview, Kitching said that Sparkster was the easiest game to adapt into a story, due to being similar to the Sonic the Hedgehog games. He was working on a second Sparkster story, but the plan was dropped when Fleetway were unable to obtain permission from Konami to use the character.

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