Gold Sparkster
Name Sparkster
Species Opossum
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Weapons Sword, Jetpack
Occupation Unknown
Row 1 title Row 1 titleNo Title
Row 2 tittle Row 2 titleNo Title



|}Gold Sparkster is an powerful version of Sparkster, his blue armor turn into gold. however, he can still take damage.


Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2

Sparkster transforms into Gold Sparkster when the six sacred swords are collected. You have to transform him to defeat the final boss and get the ``True Ending´´. He is more potent, however, unlike Super Sonic, he still can take damage.

Rocket Knight

Gold Sparkster also appears as a playable character skin in Rocket Knight. As well as a playable character, he also gets his own mode, named Gold Sparkster Mode. The difference in modes is that Gold Sparkster charges his jet pack faster, like in Sparkster RKA 2, but his health is cut in half, having only four hearts of health.

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