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Burst Shot (バーストショット bāsuto shotto) is a technique used by Rocket Knights, technically known by Sparkster and Axel Gear
Burst Shot Rocket Knight (2010)

A screenshot from the PlayStation 3 version of Rocket Knight, a hint informing on how to use Burst Shot.


Burst Shot is a projectile attack. If the Player slashes the sword forward against an enemy if they're far or near damaging the opponent from a fiery razor blade unleashed from the magic sword.

Game Appearances

Rocket Knight Adventures

Burst Shot is one of the main attacks in Rocket Knight Adventures. If it hits a Devotindos soldier, their armor falls apart into pieces and reveals their underpants in a comical fashion and flees in embarrassment.

Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2

In the Sequel, Sparkster can't use Burst Shot anymore as he can only do normal sword slashing while jumping or not and Burst Vortex only.

Sparkster (SNES)

Coming Soon.

Rocket Knight (2010)

Sparkster retains back his ability to use Burst Shot while flying or not.