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Axel Gear
Name Axel Gear
Ocupation Antagonist
Genre Male
Weapons Sword, Jet Pack
Species Opossum
Axel Gear is Sparkster's rival, and appears in all games. Sparkster defeats him, but he always comes back.


Axel Gear wears red armor. He has a purple sword, and a jetpack on his back. His sword has eight prongs on it, four on each side. There is a cable that is attached to his jetpack, allowing him to shoot fire out of his sword. Axel Gear's black hair runs out of his helmet.


The story takes place in the world of Elhorn in the Kingdom of Zephyrus. Axel Gear was taken in by an old fellow named Mifune Sanjulo. Mifune taught Axel Gear the ways of being a Rocket Knight. Mifune then adopted another child, Sparkster. Axel was jealous of Sparkster, Mifune always liked Sparkster best. After years and years of hate, Axel finally killed Master Mifune and stole a secret book of Rocket Knight techniques. With it, he brought together the Black Knights, Rocket Knights that went rogue. Sparkster and Axel Gear clashed in an epic battle, which Sparkster emerged the victor. Sparkster banished Axel from the kingdom, and Axel Gear went into hiding.

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